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I love all things .Net, thats me in a nutshell. With it, I can create what you can imagine, whether its api's talking to other api's using gRPC, REST etc, or just your standard apps (moblie, desktop etc with backends). My primary and prefared language is C#, other languages I can use are Javascript (Typscript) (and Html and CSS if you can call them languages). I'm happily married and no children yet.

FullStack Software Developer.

I do full stack development primarily using the .NET stack (.NET 5 and .NET Core 3). This Resume Site is an example of such, it is build using Blazor WebAssembly for the front end technology, and it contains a .Net 5 server sample Api. This Resume site gets and updates data via a real time connection to my backend server that intern communicates with a third party api to get real time Scottish and Danish football results as games are in progress, it does this using Background Workers that query the 3rd party api after specified intervals.

  • Phone: +263 775 862 473
  • City: Harare, ZIMBABWE
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The skills results are based on assesments done by PluralSight (view assesment results on the PluralSight website)

C# 82% (Expert level attained)
ASP.Net Core 93% (Expert level attained)
ASP.Net MVC 5 89% (Expert level attained)
Entity Framework Core 75% (Proficient level attained)
HTML 5 81% (Expert level attained)
JavaScript 40% (Proficient level attained)

Api Sample

The platform used in this sample is .Net 5 and the other various technologies, languages and concepts implemented include - C#, Blazor WebAssembly, SignalR, Background Worker and Xamarin Forms

This is a small Blazor sample (source code here) just to showcase some capabilities. This sample app calls my back-end server project (source code here) that has background workers that periodically call (when necessary) an external sports api to get Scottish Premier League and Danish Premier League Live games that update scores every 30seconds when there are live matches, and also retrieves schedules as well as standings.

From a DevOps perspective, note that the server app is built and published to Azure each time a commit to the master branch, this is done via GitHub actions, where as this blazor cv app you are currently viewing is build and then published to a separate branch called gh-pages each time a change is committed to master branch. The gh-pages branch contains the published static files for GitHub Pages to display

Download the Android Sample api from the Google Play Store, Click here

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Diploma In C# Programming


Microsoft Initiated Online Program

Diploma In HTML5, CSS3 And JavaScript)


Microsoft Initiated Online Program

ASP.NET Core - Advanced


Microsoft Initiated Online Program

DevOps for Developers


Microsoft Initiated Online Program

Honors Bachelors Degree in Psychology


University of South Africa

Barak Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative


Regional Leadership Centre Southern Africa

Projects and Experiments Published

Google Play Store: Zimbabwe Laws Android Application (Zim Replaw)

View in Store

Google Play Store: Period Android Mobile Application (PS Calender)

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Frameworks, Technologies and Concepts I’m comfortable with

These are technologies I have had first hand experience with as well as practices I normally use

.Net (.Net Core 3 and .Net 5)

The primary development ecosystem for the C# language (and other Microsoft Languages - This is the primary platform supporting this site via a .net web assemblly runtime)

Xamarin Forms

Used primarily for mobile app development (Android and iOS apps, e.g. the technology used to create the accompanying mobile application to this site)

Blazor Web Assembly and Server Side

For making web applications (primarily Single Page Web Applications - This site is built using Blazor Web Assembly)


Primarily used for real time messaging between applications (e.g. in the this api Sample, its used to connect to my backend api server via web sockets. The backend api broadcasts live scores when available, every 30 seconds)

Entity Framework

Used primarily to communicate with databases

Background Worker

Used primarily to run tasks in the background that can be scheduled (e.g. I use it in the backend to regularly check for upcoming games once everyday, as well as to check and update league standings once every hour)

Web Api Development

Primarily used to for communication between application (e.g. in this site, I use it to initially populate the current teams standings, there after, the application is connected via SignalR and "listens" for any changes)

Git and Github

Git primarily used for version control and Github for storing my source code as well as other various development tasks (e.g. the backend of this site is hosted on Azure, and through Github Actions, when changes are commited to the master branch, the backend is automatically re-published on the Azure host - note also that Github hosts the frontend of this site via Github pages which can host Blazor Web assembly websites, which are basically static sites)


Feel free to contact me anytime

Call / WhatsApp:

+263 775 862 473

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